Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boycott Alabama Now-New website-Stop Senator Richard Shelby

Here is another New pro American website-Boycott Alabama
From Site:
This site has been developed by a grassroots number of true Americans who have had enough with uninformed politicians who are not helping the domestic auto industry, in this case Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama. Members of our website hold no grudges against all of the hard working people who live in the wonderful state of Alabama. However, it is time to fight back for America and the only way to do it is with our wallets. Our objective is to demonstrate to the senator what happens when a part of America is not supported; therefore we are launching a nationwide boycott of Alabama. It is clear to most Americans that the Big Three must obtain loans in an effort to get through this economic mess (much of which was caused by our illustrious Mr. Shelby, Mr. Barney Frank and many others who failed to prevent the banking industry from going belly up). And to the great people of Alabama, please keep in mind; we didn’t start this mess, our government did.

Contact:Senator Richard Shelby--ph: 202-224-5744

(This is the Alabama Chamber of Commerce)
ph: 334-834-6000

Check it out and Support America

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mw (DWSUWF) said...

What a tool. I have a better idea. In my fantasy world, the 60%+ of Americans who oppose these bailouts start voting with their wallet by shunning companies suckling at the Federal teat, and supporting companies that resist the temptation, even if their competitors do not. In this case, it would mean buying Ford, boycotting GM & Chrysler. There is far greater manufacturing capacity than there are customers. Why wouldn't rational customers buy from a company that shows a management ability to operate without bailouts? Keep the Ford lines running, shut more GM lines down.

Don't get me wrong. Ford CEO Alan Mulally did not cover himself or his company in any more glory than the rest of the bozos in either of his two appearances before Congress. But this week, Ford finally got it right, and said they would not Federal money this round. It's something.