Saturday, January 10, 2009

The UAW Meltdown | The End Of The UAW

We are looking at the end of the UAW, they can no longer strike against the auto companies and that was their only strength.

As the UAW GM Concession talks begin, the future grows bleaker for UAW members. We now know that Ron Gettelfinger cut a deal, he agreed to never strike again to get the auto rescue loans for GM and Chrysler.

If the UAW strikes all the rescue loan must be paid back to the government. Which means any of the money that would be used for retirees and benefits (VEBA) would be at risk. The UAW is locked in for the ride.

If this was a condition set by George Bush or the Treasury, why did Ron Gettelfinger agree and didn't inform the Union members?

If the Government and auto companies are going to dictate what the wages and benefits are going to be, why does the auto worker have to pay a union?

The transplant auto companies are paying more pre hour and they have medical benefits, Why should the UAW worker make less than the southern workers and less benefits?

The Government will be in partial control of the auto companies and the UAW has no bargaining power.

Why would the new age auto worker want to be in the UAW if he or she is only making $14 an hour with no pension???

Good Luck UAW Members!

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