Friday, March 27, 2009

What Concessions are coming for UAW Workers?

Today's latest report from the Detroit Free Press give a brief outline of UAW concessions.

"The UAW tentatively has agreed to end the so-called jobs bank, which pays laid-off workers most of their regular pay. The union also has made other unannounced concessions. Talks continue on replacing some cash payments the companies were to make for what the union's retiree health care trust is owed with company stock."

The most interesting line is" The union also has made other unannounced concessions.".

Emails i have received are concerning the lack of communication between the UAW leadership and membership. Why aren't they hearing from their leadership?

They also say there is also no communication from the companies with the workers.

Union members are wondering if they will be able to vote on the concessions or will the Auto Task Force make that decision.

So what are the unannounced concessions? Wage cuts, benefit cuts,....

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