Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chrysler Demands A $19 Per Hour Wage Cut

Chrysler CAW workers are in protest and rightfully so.

Friday CAW workers were told they must make an impossible decision to save Chrysler Canada a $19 per hour Wage cut!

Chrysler Canada workers burned CEO Nardelli's Letter to employees and told Chrysler no way could they cut hourly wages by $19 per hour.

Chrysler claims it will pull operations out of Canada if the Union does not meet it's demands.

The new soon to be Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne makes the same case for the UAW.

Fiat has stated that If it does not take significant hour wage concessions it will walk away from the Chrysler deal and let Chrysler go bankrupt. Once Chrysler goes bankrupt it can buy up what it wants. More than likely that would only be two assembly plants and the dealer network.

Which this the most likely scenario for US Chrysler autoworkers.
The UAW will go down to the second tier rate that was negotiated in 2007 of $14.50 for assembly workers and $17.50 for Skilled Trades workers.

That is a $15 per hour wage cut and that is huge!

The next two weeks are going to be unbearable for Chrysler Workers.

Someone save the middle class.......

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