Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ford owes $23 Billion to The Banks Sales Down 16%

Everyone applauded Ford for not taking any Government loans.....

Well it's because months before the calapse they mortgaged the entire company for $23Billion dollars.

Now Ford has 3 Times the Debt of GM/Chrysler, no wage concessions from the UAW and Sales down 15.9% from last year. (it's worst year in 40 Years)

They are pinning there hopes on the New Focus and Festiva. Which are not bad, but they are a Focus and Festiva, you've already done that.

The Fusion, Taurus, Escape, lack emotion in design and already appear dated.

The Mustang is still a favorite and makes a nice rent-a-car.

Even the Ford flagship F150 is dated and weak compared to the GM Sierra and Dodge Ram trucks.

Well at least they have the Ford Transit.....Joke

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